I had a goiter surgery 18 years ago and my parathyroid glands were removed by mistake in this operation. I had to start intensive calcium treatment after surgery and I use them for 18 years. But in last year medications have become insufficient for me. I need to apply emergency services several times and took calcium by vascular way. I have four children and life was becoming very difficult for me. I’ve investigated parathyroid transplantation according to the advice of my doctor. I have learned that this transplantation is made by only three centers in the world. I learned that intrabdominal trans is first made by Prof. Erhan Ayşan in Turkey. I take appointment from Yeditepe University to meet Prof. Ayşan. He explained to me about parathyroid transplantation process step by step. When I learned that if the transplantation is not successful, there would be no loss anything, no complication risks and even I had the chances of new transplantations again. So, I consented to transplantation. After the transplantation operation, I recovered with a short period of time. Now I’ve given up all my medication. I’m happy. I can spend more time with my family and children. Thanks so much to Prof. Erhan Ayşan and his team.



I had thyroid surgery a few years ago, in this operation, my parathyroid glands were removed by mistaken. After that, I started to experience low blood calcium level complaints. After the operation I was treated with pills, the number of pills was nearly 20 per day. When these were not enough, I started to use parathyroid hormone preparation via injection way. In Turkey, to find this hormone preparation is very difficult, as well as very expensive and also official health assurance system is not cover it. If I don’t take the hormone, my complaints were increasing, my arms and feet were getting like paralyses. On recommendation, I find Prof. Erhan Ayşan and he performed me parathyroid trans. Alhamdulillah, my complaints were decreased by over 90%. Now I don’t use parathyroid hormone, only taking two pills daily. I thank very much Dr. Erhan and wish him success in his life.



After total thyroidectomy in 2015, I was diagnosed with parathyroid failure and started to use medications with oral way. Since then, I have had a weakness, fatigue and psychological problems that did not treat any medications. As a result of my research, I met Prof. Erhan Ayşan and he performed me parathyroid transplantation. Now, months after the transplantation, I feel very good, no weakness or fatigue symptoms. My quality of life has improved. I ended up all the calcium and vitamin D medications. I would like to thank my colleague Prof. Erhan Ayşan forgive hopes for me and patients like me.

EDA OFLAZ MD (Forensic Science Specialist)


Hello… I had thyroid surgery in 2017. Unfortunately, my parathyroid glands were removed in this operation. After this operation, I started to live very difficult days. When it was the fourth day of my operation, my daughter was 8 months old, I was breastfeeding of her, I got into a big coma and had to go to the emergency room. After this serious trauma, I had to go to emergency services lots of time and sometimes required hospitalizations. I started to take lots of calcium and vitamin D pills. They were not enough of me so I need to use parathormone via injection. It was a very expansive option. These were a nightmare for me. I met Prof. Ayşan and it was the turning point of my life. After one week of the parathyroid transplantation, I stopped taking all pills and also parahormone injection. Now, months after the trans I have never take any drug anywhere. I recommend transplantation to all hypoparathyroid patients, do not wait anytime to getting healthy! I’m grateful to Prof. Ayşan, I’m glad to knew him. I’m still in communication with him, he is observing me also. I trust him and of course his Yeditepe University team. I have a lot more to write, but the site does not take it all. My God heals everyone who suffered from this disease and introduces Prof. Ayşan as soon as possible. With my love and respectfully.



In 2016, I was diagnosed as metastatic thyroid cancer and my thyroid gland was removed surgically. The following days, I felt tingling and numbness in my fingers and lips so I learned from my surgeon that these problems were related to low calcium levels in my blood. My parathyroid glands had been suffered in the operation. Since then, I have been started to take calcium pills daily but unfortunately, they cause kidney problems. In the meantime, we met Prof. Erhan Ayşan and he made his first transplantation me 2018. After a few months, I felt better and my PTH levels were getting high. But then my complaints were reappeared. After one year I tried transplantation again this year with a new method. Cells were transplanted into my omentum tissue of which is in the abdomen. This time I am even more hopeful because my need for calcium has already begun to decline. In the last blood test, my blood calcium level was normal. I would like to thank Prof. Erhan Ayşan for his close attention and care and to all Yeditepe University staffs.



Four years ago, I underwent surgery for my thyroid nodules in Urfa city. Although the result is not cancer after the operation, I felt serious numbness and pain in my hands and feet. I went to the emergency room several times and I took calcium serums. My doctor didn’t tell me anything related to my complaints but I learned that my parathyroids were removed, unfortunately. I started to take lots of pills. Despite taking pills regularly, in recent months, my complaints were increased so much and the pills were not enough. I applied a new endocrinologist at Harran University (Urfa) so he gave me the name of Prof. Erhan. I met him on the internet and I made an appointment from him. I came to Istanbul from Urfa for transplantation. I stayed in the hospital for one night only and went back to my home the next day. Now I feel better, my drugs decreased only two pills daily. Thanks God to meet me Prof Erhan.